The King is Coming: Urgency in Sharing the Gospel

The King is Coming: Urgency in Sharing the Gospel


The Bible offers a clear message: Jesus Christ will return. This message explores the concept of the Second Coming and the importance of sharing the Gospel in light of this imminent event (Acts 1:9-11). We’ll see how scripture emphasizes the urgency of spreading the message of salvation (Matthew 24:14).

Scripture Guidance: Acts 1:911

Our argument is not “if Jesus will return to earth or not, Because He will, in fact, sooner than we think! Because He, Himself “said so”. I will come again. (John 14:3) By, and through His own “WORD”, we stand, because when heaven and earth shall pass away; His words shall by no means pass away (Matt.24:35)

So, we are not required to prove to anyone about this greatest event that will close History as we currently know it, and introduce a totally, new order. The Lord Jesus went ahead and told His flock; that this would not take place, until “first ”, the gospel of the Kingdom has been preached unto all the world. (Matt, 24:14) This does not state, however, that all who hear will be saved, however; It shall be a witness to them. The Prophets of old prophesied about His first coming to earth, and it happened, exactly as they predicted, every detail up to the time and place He was to be born, happened in total precision, now we have His own WORD of honor, yet, the greater part of believers are not aware of this, it could be too late for millions of eternal souls, it is the responsibility of Christ’s Church now, to go out, and proclaim this great truth, the pillar of all we believe in as His followers.


The text emphasizes the critical responsibility of Christians to share the Gospel in preparation for Christ’s return. The Second Coming isn’t just a future event; it serves as a powerful motivator to spread the message of salvation (Matthew 24:35).

By actively sharing the Gospel, we fulfill Christ’s instructions and ensure a “witness” is offered to the world. As the text says, “it is the responsibility of Christ’s Church now, to go out and proclaim this great truth.”

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