Unveiling the Mystery: Signs of the Second Coming

Unveiling the Mystery: Signs of the Second Coming


Many Christians yearn for a deeper understanding of the Second Coming. This message explores the concept of “signs” that precede Christ’s return, using scripture as a guide (Matthew 24:34-39). We’ll see how the Bible offers clues to identify the generation that will witness this momentous event.

Although we are not given the date and day it will happen, yet, For His people, the born-again, Spirit-filled ones, it will not come upon us in total ignorance because; we are told of the generation that will see it happen. (Matt. 243:3439) In most places of worship, very little is said, mentioned, or even taught from the pulpit on Saturday/Sunday, Christmas, or any other celebrations based on traditional Christianity, all because; They are not ready for His Return, the greater number of professing Christians have no idea of this cordial teaching of the Bible!

In one city in RSA, I was warned by a local committee, not to speak of the “Rapture, or 2nd return of Christ”, because the greater majority of the population was poor, thus it would badly affect them, that they should only be taught on prosperity, good health and the way to material riches! This, however, is to deny simple believers the chance to draw closer to God, the Return of Christ does make souls rejoice because this is the ultimate goal of why we believe in Him.

This generation, that will see what He said would happen, shall not pass away. It is therefore fitting, that we are told, that we are the generation that resembles in every way to Sodom and Gomorrah. There was never another generation like this one! All that the Lord promised would precede His return, has come to pass, one thing remains though;

The hearing of the True Gospel of the Kingdom, means; That God’s mercy has been extended to us, to hear and turn to God, worship Him through His son Jesus Christ, He is the Way, the Truth and the Life. The original believers in Christ lived daily knowing He would Return in their time! How come then, that we who are at the brink of time, cannot see this is the pillar of our faith? We who have been given the mandate to preach His gospel, must not miss to mention His Return, and that time is NOW! And, we comfort one another with the words of His Return (I Thes. 4:18)

His Return as King of Kings will stop all movements of nature, people, and indeed the whole creation because a NEW order will be ushered into being, where Righteousness will rule. (2Pet. 3:13) In His rule, enmity shall be abolished. a lamb will lay down beside a lion in total peace. There will be a thousand years of total peace, His Millenial Rule we shall enjoy, unknown peace among nations of the earth, and from Jerusalem He will rule, we shall shout; The Kingdoms of the earth have become the Kingdom of our Great God, The Lord reigns, Hallelujah! We shall study war no more! No fear of destructive weapons, all science will answer to Him who sits on the throne, JESUS CHRIST.

His saints will reign with Him, in charge of everything, meanwhile, we shall take time to judge the enemy of mankind, satan, and his demons, yes, we shall judge angels. Believers in Jesus Christ will shine like the firmament of the sky, Hallelujah forevermore.

This is what the believers in Christ should be hearing now, not cheap prosperity, healings, etc, these are elementary things of the Christian life, we have come a long way, we must be weaned from the milk, and enter into the new area never known to the Church before, the need is NOW! The cheap gospel of things is not strengthening the saints, so many so-called mega-churches are filled with spiritual babies who never grow up!


The text emphasizes that the Second Coming is not meant to be a fearful event for believers, but rather a source of hope and rejoicing (1 Thessalonians 4:18). The return of Christ signifies the ultimate victory of good over evil and the ushering in of a new era of peace (2 Peter 3:13).

By understanding the potential signs of the Second Coming, Christians can be prepared and live expectantly (Matthew 24:33). As the text says, “we who have been given the mandate to preach His gospel, must not miss to mention His Return.”

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