The Undefeated Church: Embracing the Fighting Spirit

The Undefeated Church: Embracing the Fighting Spirit


Throughout history, the Church has faced relentless attacks, yet it endures. This resilience stems from a powerful force within – the “fighting Spirit.” Drawing inspiration from scripture and historical events, this message explores the concept of the Church as a spiritual warrior. We’ll see how this unwavering spirit enables the Church to overcome adversity and fulfill its divine purpose (John 16:33).

Looking at how the Church has survived through the years since its inception, one will detect what I see as “the fighting Spirit”, as I have stated earlier on, the Apostle Paul’s doctrine is that of warfare, and many times real battle or combat against wicked spirits in the heavenlies. Take a look at how men have tried to bring down the Church of Christ, Rome, and later others, all have gone leaving the Church intact!

These men began to argue with Stephen, but they could not stand up against his wisdom or the “spirit by which he spoke. (Acts 6:910). When I teach on the “Church Militant”, I am in this context saying;

That there is within the Church, the Spirit that knows no defeat, a Spirit of resistance against evil, be it Spiritual, Social, or Material. This fighting Spirit is the same that rested upon the Lord, the Pharisees said to one another; “see, this is getting us nowhere, look how the whole world has gone after Him!” (John 12:19) This happened at the height of His ministry, no matter what resistance the world put up against Him, there was no stopping His advance. Now, at the end of His earthly ministry, He said; as My Father had sent me, so, I send you. (John 20:21) Although He is pictured in the form of a Dove, to mean, He is gentle, He also comes as the fire and mighty wind. We believe that whatever happens in the natural is affected by the spiritual, as the turns and changes take place in the world at astonishing speed, I want all the Church of Christ to hear this; We are far ahead of all the changes that are taking place right now, be they Scientific, Industrial or social, the Spirit of Christ that indwells the Church is not dormant but moving mightily right now!

You are an integral part of this move, so, arise and move with God.

I keep hearing my fellow preachers say; ah, we must move fast to catch up with world events, but I believe differently, the world will never catch up with us. We are from eternity before the creation of this earth.

One thing that really angers every true believer is the adoption of the world’s way to keep the Church on course, but I will contradict it, God does not need to borrow from the world to sustain His Church, He is self-sufficient. Oh, if only we would know who we really are! The Church must now become the talk of nations and must take center stage in pointing the world to God. Please recall what I mentioned about the parable of the Bread, it is midnight hour for many lives, and this Bread that gives life can only be found in the Church. Once multitudes got hungry and tired, the disciples besought the Lord to let them go, but He told them; they need not go, you give them to eat. (Luke 9:13). Christ’s Church is God’s agency on earth, whatever He does, He starts with Christ’s House, the Church. So decide this, as long as I am in the Church, God will accomplish His will through me. At that particular time when victory is needed, we must expect something to happen, because the God we serve is great and mighty.

Every answer to prayer by the Church should be seen as a miracle not a mere happening, this way we’ll live in the miraculous realm, we will be sensitized to expect things to happen beyond our prayer, because, He is able to do exceedingly and greater things (Eph. 3:20) What a Mighty God we serve!


The “fighting Spirit” is not about worldly tactics or competition. It’s about unwavering faith, resilience against evil, and a steadfast commitment to God’s will. This spirit not only enables the Church to survive but also empowers it to be a beacon of hope in a rapidly changing world (Ephesians 6:12).

The Church, “God’s agency on earth” (as the text says), is divinely equipped to meet the needs of humanity, offering the “Bread of life” – God’s word – to those desperately seeking it (Luke 9:13). By embracing its inherent fighting spirit, the Church can move beyond mere survival and actively engage in God’s work, pointing the world towards Him.

This unwavering spirit also translates into an expectation of miracles. By viewing answered prayers as divine interventions, the Church cultivates a mindset of constant awe and expectation, living in the “miraculous realm” promised by God (Ephesians 3:20). The Church Militant, empowered by its fighting spirit, stands as a testament to God’s enduring presence and unwavering power.

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