Unveiling the Glorious Church: Preparing for Christ’s Return

Unveiling the Glorious Church: Preparing for Christ's Return


The Bible describes a “Glorious Church” prepared for Christ’s return (Ephesians 5:27). This message explores the characteristics of this glorious Church and how believers can experience God’s transforming presence even amidst challenging times (Philippians 1:6).

He is coming for the “Glorious Church”, not crippled sick Church, (Eph.5:27) Many, and even most so feel; That we live and operate in a very filthy world, thus we are not ready for the rapture, but I do ask; Whose Church are we? Who is cleansing the Church? Is it the preacher or the Owner, Christ? His glory is currently shining, although in a limited capacity because; growth is stunted by wrong teaching, but His children are asking questions, He has the answers, and I do believe; The good work He started, He will complete (Phil.1:6)

He lacks nothing, His character is currently being felt in His Church, the hunger and thirst for His presence can’t be filled by Charisma alone, His presence fills the void in the heart, hearts are now burning like Cleopas and his friend on the Emmaus road, (Luke 24:32) when we speak of His glory, we differ from the current choreography, where great voices belch out songs, and dances which only the energetic can perform, while the masses watch and clap? No, what Cleopas and his friend experienced, was Christ’s personal, presence, no one encouraged the two to clap, or shout in applause, and no cheerleaders; yet, their hearts burning

As His WORD is being taught by human vessels He has anointed, and the Spirit of Pentecost gives revelation both to the speaker Teacher Preacher, and, the hearers; Hearts are caused to experience Christ’s holy presence, the Resurrected Jesus, reveals Himself! But, why is this happening? It is because we live at the brink of the end time, the glorious Church is not necessarily the mega thing, but where Two or Three are gathered in His Name. (Matt. 18:19) His presence is glorious, the power to experience miracles is present. (Lk.5:17) Like I have said, I do contend; That here, we don’t need a healing preacher, we don’t need the ones who always cry loud; sow seed (money) to experience miracles, because in His presence is FULLNESS of joy. (Ps. 16:11) All Gifts of the Spirit do operate in His glory, yet one will ask; what will the Apostles and Prophets in such meeting places do? I will answer simply; These great personalities will humble themselves and WORSHIP THE KING because His presence covers all areas of life.

Before the healing preachers appeal to the sick who need prayer by them, the Healer’s presence (CHRIST) will have healed diseases and replaced them with glorious health. The Prophets/prophetesses who usually don’t worship will discover that the simple believer who was hungry to hear the Master’s voice, has already heard Him speak to the heart directly, these things are actually, taking place now!

Yes, He is revealing Himself to prepare those who eagerly await His return; Our Great God. (Titus 2:13) while His appearing will overtake the unsuspecting world, to His own, He will have appeared and spoken to them often, in services, worship by individuals, and fellowship of two or three, Yes, He is doing it currently. 


The text emphasizes that the “Glorious Church” isn’t defined by size or theatrics, but by a genuine hunger for God’s presence (Luke 24:32). True growth comes not from charismatic performances, but from a deep encounter with the Holy Spirit (Acts 2:1-4).

By actively seeking God’s presence through scripture and prayer, believers can experience the miraculous and prepare their hearts for Christ’s return (Matthew 18:19). As the text says, “His presence is glorious, the power to experience miracles is present.”

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