The Everlasting Wonder: Unveiling Jesus Through Worship and Praise

The Everlasting Wonder: Unveiling Jesus Through Worship and Praise


The Bible describes Jesus as the “glorious appearing” we yearn for (Titus 2:13). This message explores the concept of Jesus as an ever-unfolding revelation and how our worship can magnify His glory (Habakkuk 2:14).

There is a possibility as humans, to think, that after we have spent ten thousand years in His presence in gloryland, we may get used to Him, this I must state; That He is coming for only those who desire His return. (2 Tim. 3:8) Looking for the blessed hope and “Glorious appearing” of our “Great God” and Savior, Jesus Christ. (Tit. 2:13) 

We are not equipped as humans now, to comprehend what it shall be like, but when he comes, we shall be as He is! During his earthly pilgrimage of only three years, He caused so many questions, asked by individuals, His disciples, and Military rulers of Rome, but none of them, plus Governor Pilate, could come up with a description that could truly picture Him in human mind, because; he promised to reveal Himself to individuals who would believe in Him. (John 14:21) 

He who was prophetically called: The Desire of all Nations; His glory shall fill all the earth, as the waters cover the sea. (Hab. 4:14), we are told; His glory shall be the light of all heaven, His nature, we shall not need sunshine in His presence, for all darkness will have been abolished, how can we be used to this?! Thus I contend; that He is ever amazing, and since we believe in the “glorious one”, we will ever admire Him, awesome! Meanwhile, however, we are allowed to see as through a mirror, but when perfection will come, we shall see Him clearly because; we shall be as He is. Currently, how must I be occupied concerning Him? 

I can afford only one word; “Worship”, and, this has to be even as He prescribed; In Spirit and in Truth. (John 4: 2324) not the Kenya style, not as I wish to, not what pleases me, not what makes me happy, not how I feel, He can only accept what He has ordered, Hallelujah!

While I await His glorious appearing, He who is called: “THE WORD OF GOD”, and a word must be spoken to be effective; I must keep busy saying, calling, whispering: “JESUS’, to manifest the power in that name, the glory in the Name Jesus, can only be effected where a tongue speaks, testifies, prays or shouts that Name; JESUS, believing is one thing, yet even demons believe and know Him, but it is not helpful, only those whose lives are sunk in Him can, and have the privilege of calling that awesome name, and enhance the glory, power, health, wealth of Him who is called; THE WORD OF GOD. Amen!


The text emphasizes that true worship of Jesus transcends cultural styles and personal preferences (John 4:23-24). By actively speaking the name of Jesus in faith, we not only experience His power but also contribute to the manifestation of His glory (James 2:19).

As the text says, “He is ever amazing, and since we believe in the ‘glorious one,’ we will ever admire Him.” Our ongoing worship is a way to express this admiration and allows us to participate in the ongoing revelation of Jesus’ majesty.

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