Unveiling the Real Jesus: A Quest for Personal Revelation

Unveiling the Real Jesus: A Quest for Personal Revelation


Many Christians yearn for a deeper, personal connection with Jesus Christ (Matthew 16:15-17). This message explores the concept of “revelation” and how believers can break free from religious rituals to experience Jesus for themselves (John 8:58).

The Jews of Jesus’ day in the flesh were puzzled, when He told them; Before Abraham was “I Am” (John 8:58), because His, is the ever-present ETERNAL WORD of God, I can trust Him, once He gives His WORD of honor, it will never change! His name, therefore, is linked to His word. A blind man called on that Name: JESUS, and he got his sight. (Mark 10:47 52) A Roman soldier confessed; I am not worthy that you come under my roof, speak the WORD only, and my servant shall be healed; it happened! (Matt 8:8) 

A troubled sea heard His word: Peace, be still, and nature obeyed (Mark 4:3941) His followers asked a question that I must ask my listeners; WHO CAN THIS BE? Until we know the answer to this question, we will only be saying what others have said before. I must have a personal answer to this question, not by how I hear others call Him. I must have “THE ANSWER” that perhaps no one else has given, why? Because I can’t just echo others, “CHRIST Jesus, is “personal revelation” to one’s life. 

When Peter gave the correct answer to this question, he was not complemented for his spirituality but was told: Flesh and blood has not revealed this to you, but My Father who is in heaven. (Matt. 16:17) Thus I conclude: CHRIST JESUS, can never be known by mere education, He is not a WESTERN world religious leader, not by what others call Him, but by revelation on personal standing, we can’t imitate others on this one, it must be a personal tailored revelation to one’s life.

Certain preachers, especially the Charismatic ones, do believe and even claim loudly, that they are the only ones to whom the revelation is given, while some churches claim that they are the custodians of Christ, but I state; that He is a “revelation” to whoever He chooses to reveal Himself to! (Matt. 11:27)

A man that was healed of blindness, knew Him only by what he heard from others, even when he was asked where the Healer was: he answered: I don’t know! (John 9:1012) When Jesus (the Healer) confronted him, and asked him if he believed in “God’s Son”, the Healer? The former blind man, now se ing asked this crucial question; WHO IS HE LORD, That I may believe in Him (John 9:3638) When Jesus revealed Himself, the man WORSHIPED Him. I often hear preachers exhort the congregation saying; 

Come on, raise your hands, or clap hands in worship, shout Hallelujah, etc., all this, because; Jesus has not been revealed to the congregation! When He reveals Himself no one will exhort, encourage, or tell others to “worship Him”, it will be the only natural thing to do, there will be no option left, and worship will be natural, not a religious act, worship from the heart, now visible in action!

Remember, we say revelation is only for the spiritual ones, for the prayer warriors, for those who fast longest, longest testimony, etc., but hear me; who went looking for who? Was it the former blind or the Lord Jesus? Please, before you judge me wrong, as belittling prayer and fasting, I still claim that it was the Lord who sought him, found the former blind man, and revealed Himself to him, the worshiper had no claims to make, in fact, he had been denied even by his parents, the local clergy had thrown him out of the religious establishment, because of his insistence that a “man called’ JESUS, had healed him. 

My simple testimony is all it takes to qualify me for this “revelation”, Oh no Joe, you must deny yourself food, water, don’t sleep on Friday night, spend all night at the prayer vigil, locally known as “Kesha”, to merit this revelation, I don’t subscribe to these highly defined Charismatic religious activities, Christ’s Grace sought me out, saved me, filled me with His Spirit, the good work He began, He will complete, Hallelujah! 

Please don’t jump to conclusions, I do pray, and fast, I have no reason why I should spend all nights’ awake, I sleep a lot, deeply, because God gives me sleep, but I don’t do these as spiritual performance, so that men may wonder what a deeply spiritual person I am.

I am a simple, normal believer, spiritually natural, and naturally spiritual, no additives, no Charismatic quotations, no new vocabulary, because; Christ Jesus has revealed Himself to the former spiritually blind Joe Kayo, now I don’t need anyone to encourage me; Oh come on Joe; Give Jesus a hand clap, shout, raise hands, fast, stay awake all Friday nights to please God, or to enhance some hidden, unrevealed spiritual mysteries, I am His disciple, He leads, I follow!


The text emphasizes that true worship of Jesus arises from a personal encounter, not from external pressure (John 9:35-38). Seeking a personal revelation of Christ goes beyond religious titles or activities (Matthew 11:27).

By quieting our hearts and seeking God’s presence authentically, believers can experience a life-changing encounter with Jesus (John 4:10). As the text says, “When He reveals Himself, no one will exhort…worship will be natural, not a religious act, worship from the heart.”

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