The Power of Your Words: Unleashing the Spoken Word of God

The Power of Your Words: Unleashing the Spoken Word of God


The Bible reveals the transformative power of spoken words, especially when aligned with God’s will (John 6:63). This message explores the concept of the “Spoken Word” and how believers can leverage its power in their daily lives.

A little research into this “WORD”, will reveal, that in the ordinary life, we learn, and shape things and character by, and through what we hear and say. God’s WORD has been revealed to men in three parts; The SPOKEN WORD, which is prophetic, the WRITTEN WORD, the Bible, and the LIVING word, Jesus Himself.

When the Lord Jesus taught, His Word was Spirit and Life (John 6:63). He never prayed for the sick, he spoke healing into bodies, and replaced sicknesses with HIS WORD which was health! The believers of Christ, whenever they pray, we must learn to speak life into our own lives, in any area of life, we hear Christ’s word as we read it in the Bible when we exercise this area, we speak life to ourselves, we speak as per His “Word” which is Life, health, joy, peace, the tranquility of mind, prosperity and wealth, yes indeed; we must learn how to release the supernatural energy, power, virtue on our behalf, and also others who we pray for, heaven knows only “one NAME: JESUS! 

Other related and important matters, such as cleansing, forgiveness, etc, all do find fulfillment in Christ’s “word”‘ when he taught on “fruitfulness”, he told His own; You are now clean (pruned) because of the “words” that I told you. (John 15:3) As we read the Holy Bible, we hear Him speak to us, but we must put the “WORD” into action to benefit from the kingdom’s immense power, wealth, and virtue, our first reaction must be; Yes Lord, I believe what you have said. We must not only believe but “say so”, that secret is revealed in Mark 11:23.

We hire Lawyers to say something in court because the Judge listens, then he/she Judges as per what is “said, it is not because we don’t know how to talk, but because Lawyers talk the written Law unless you “say”, no one will know your mind, you speak what fills your heart, therefore, fill your heart with Christ’s words, then release them with your mouth, the divine power invested in His words will begin to operate in areas desired by you the speaker.

Christ Jesus, when He was in the flesh on earth, He was God’s eternal WORD that took the human body and expressed Himself to Adam’s fallen race, His words gave hope, light, healing, and self-contentment to life. Soldiers were sent to arrest Him, but they left in a hurry without Him, they told their superiors; Sir, No man ever spoke like this one! When Mary asked the angel who had just pronounced her “blessed’, to become the mother to the Savior of the world, who the father would be; 

The Angel said; No word from God is void of power (Luke 1:37) it had been spoken forth, it would produce what the word promised. But what is greatest of all is, CHRIST, having come to earth as the “LIVING WORD’, as we have already discovered, he is the source, the origin of all creation, (John 1:3), as we have seen already; That the Apostles of the original Church, taught, that All things were created by, and for Him, that “In Him” all things hold together (Col. 1:1617). This to me is the greatest discovery; 

That the LIVING WORD that brought all the creation into being, has come to live in my heart!! Yes indeed, by His Holy Spirit, He lives within me, I am not able to comprehend it, I can’t carry it in my mind, it is too awesome! But I accept it because He can’t lie, He is The Truth (John 14:6).

Every time my tongue utters; JESUS”, something supernatural takes place in me, I know it, I experience it, I cry, sometimes loudly, silently, I sigh deeply. I shake physically, all because I uttered: “JESUS”. If all the singing we do in Kenya, would be turned and centered on JESUS, all testimony: JESUS, all Giving: JESUS, what revolution would be caused? If all the preaching would be “JESUS”, what would the Church be in Ken ya? Powerful! But alas! 

We have gone astray, some have commercialized Him, and they sell Him to unsuspecting souls, if all would be turned into giving all glory, praise, and honor to one NAME, “JESUS’, the world would be convicted, fear would fill hearts, and more, the unbelievers! Yes indeed, there would be confession of sin, and conversions would be easier, and effortless, but now, preachers are struggling to prove to the world, that prosperity is from God, etc, I wish they really knew who JESUS IS NOW, currently, not who He was, but that He is the Eternal Living WORD of God.


The text emphasizes that speaking God’s Word actively is key to experiencing its power (Mark 11:23). By filling our hearts with scripture and expressing faith through our words, we invite the divine power of Christ into our lives (John 14:6).

This approach goes beyond mere religious actions and into a realm of transformation and spiritual growth. As the text says, “We must learn to speak life into our own lives…we speak as per His ‘Word’ which is Life, health, joy, peace…”

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