Hearing God’s Voice Locally: Prophetic Guidance in the End Times

Hearing God's Voice Locally: Prophetic Guidance in the End Times


The Bible assures us that God is present everywhere, not just during high-profile events (Matthew 28:20). This message explores the importance of seeking God locally and discerning true prophetic voices in the last days (Acts 1:3).

We in this part of the world are prone to think, that Jesus Christ, our Savior, will only reveal Himself when a great man from the so-called developed world visits our City, Town, or area, we even hear the local sponsors of such visits claim loudly; Prophetic times are here, because a prophetess came to the city for a day! What about when she leaves? Because she won’t stay longer like the Apostles of Christ, what will happen to the local believers in Christ? Naturally, they will have to wait till she returns again, if she will! Yet; This is not what the Bible teaches; 

The Lord Himself taught; Lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age. (Matt. 28:20) He is Emmanuel; Hallelujah, He doesn’t come, and go with a great charismatic preacher, He comes to stay, His Spirit lives within us, locally. When a great man visits Kenya, all Spiritual activities stop, to listen to him/ her, but this happens during ignorance of spiritual matters, now that we have the knowledge of our God, we shall be strong. (Dan.11:32) 

During these last days when the antichrist is claiming lives, mesmerizing the gullible souls, God is making Himself KNOWN to His people through many unmistakable proofs. (Acts 1:3) All this is taking place now, in preparation for the Master’s return.

We must be warned however; That the hunger for His Return has been, and is being currently exploited by prophets of doom, issuing threats of destruction to individual lives, merchants are making great profits, and they claim that they are mandated to pray to avert danger, destruction, etc. 

If the needy pay, money and material goods, as a matter of fact; This is the current movement in Kenya, great leaders of the mega congregations are afraid stiff, to warn their flocks because they don’t want to be seen to judge their brethren, yet, I say it again and again; The Great Shepherd is now warning His own Flock, by His appearing to individual sheep, in a special way, so clear, that no one will move the sheep by threats etc.

All this is happening, because His Return is near now! Be ye ready, for the hour you don’t expect Him, He will come. Hallelujah!


The text warns against false prophets who exploit fear and manipulate people with threats (Daniel 11:32). True guidance comes from a personal encounter with the Holy Spirit, not from charismatic personalities (Acts 2:1-4).

By developing a genuine relationship with God, believers can discern His voice locally and avoid deception. As the text says, “The Great Shepherd is now warning His own Flock, by His appearing to individual sheep.”

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