Unveiling the Mysteries of History: A Look at Daniel's Prophecy


The latter chapters of Daniel’s book hold unique significance. They transcend mere historical accounts, offering God’s insights specifically for the Church and the world’s final stage. This exploration delves into these prophecies, revealing their relevance to our faith journey. We’ll see how Jesus himself referenced Daniel (Matthew 24:15), and how John’s Revelation expands on the themes of the Antichrist

Chapters Seven and Eight of Daniel’s are unique, in the sense of prophecy that now we are not any more dealing with Daniel “the man”, but what God intended the world, and especially the Church to understand.

As you’ll discover, the Lord Jesus Himself quoted Daniel’s prophecy in Matthew 24:15, the Revelation given to John also deals extensively with the final stage of the fourth Empire. Daniel 9:26 predicted that the Messiah would be cut off and that Jerusalem would be destroyed. These did take place during Roman rule. There’s a thin line separating the book of Daniel chapters Two and Seven. The highlight however is when he categorically stated; But the saints of God shall possess the Kingdom forever(7:1827).

Now, since this study is not a Theological exposition, nor a clinical analysis of Daniel as a prophet, but a study to cause Christ’s Church to rise beyond the parochial and go on to maturity. I am using Daniel’s accurate prophecies to equip the ordinary saints who live now so that they can walk closer to God in their daily lives of faith. We have been introduced to history without our consent. This far in today’s Africa, no one wants to listen to stories of the past Empires and civilizations. We seem to be drifting into a peculiar state where we want only the outcome of an effort, but we are detached from any requirement that demands our input, such as study and research. This has been the mistake that the Charismatic people have constantly repeated. They direct all energies to “blessing now”. The blessing comes, but the saints don’t possess what it takes to retain the blessing, we must know our roots.

These two chapters give us a panoramic view of history, until the time of the antiChrist. We are introduced to a man called a ruler, who would cause craftiness to prosper, and “by peace” he shall destroy many. (8:25). A man who shall silence all matters of war, will cause UNO to listen to him, and even to consult him in this matter of peace. Since the European Union will produce, educate, and train him, they will be too proud of him, he will be their brainchild and product.

The powers that lend to the world, especially those nations of Asia, Africa, South America, and the Islands, will for sure listen to him in silence as he will dictate the terms of trade, education, and politics and will seek to change times and general of nations. He will be the behavior of nations.

A “fierce countenance”, knowing dark secrets, but all these will not be by his own power (7:2428, Rev. 13:47)

The Bible says he shall be destroyed, not by man’s hand. He will seek to be worshiped, (Rev: 13:12) ultimately this is his goal, to turn himself into a god. He will oppose God, Christ, and the saints. You see then why Daniel’s prophecy is unique? We’ve traveled from Babylon, then Mede Persia. From there we came to Greece led by Alexander and his four Generals, then finally, we are now seeing Rome in full view when the Messiah was cut off. Since Rome was destroyed as a world ruler, and the Jewish Dispersion started, history is silent. in this part of the globe are not considered as important where history is concerned. Where then do we come in and how do we fit?

We come into focus in history as the Gentiles. It was Christ’s death and resurrection that introduced us and made us known to the established history, otherwise we would be left out as nonentities. The Gentiles now play a crucial role in Christendom. No one should ignore us, we were left behind, the last ones, but the Lord said, we shall be first. (Matt. 20:16) This then is precisely why I am now teaching these truths, we must know where we are in God’s calendar so that we may apply our faith appropriately.

Perhaps you are as puzzled at times as I am. We ask; why does evil prosper? If you read Daniel 8:12 you will notice that he did all the evil and he prospered! Why would God Almighty allow such an evil person, to do all the filth against Him and heaven, yet prosper? Satan was cast to the ground and came out of heaven as fast as lightning. (Lk. 10:18) Yet here we see a man who will prosper in evil schemes, and be allowed to continue for a while, even the power to defeat the saints was given to him. (7:25) I used to puzzle over this but no more! Because I am informed; that “The court shall be seated’. This specially convened court shall take away his dominion, he shall be consumed and destroyed forever, Hallelujah! (7:26) The rest is recorded in verse 27. God’s people must see ourselves even as God sees us, we are the reason why Daniel was given these Revelations, he calls the Church; “The Saints of the Most High”.

Perhaps the animals with heads and multiple horns, colors, and shapes frighten you, this shouldn’t frighten anyone here. They express the nature of the kings, kingdoms, peoples, and places. The greatest thing in Daniel is the picture of Christ’s Church, “The Saints of the Most High”. The Lord bestowed upon the same Kingdom as His Father bestowed upon Him, (Lk. 22:2829).

Daniel therefore introduces the kingdom of Christ on the earth and says; His kingdom is the everlasting kingdom. While Daniel saw the physical one, we see it now in the spiritual, and being more superior to what Daniel saw. It has started within us, not the external influence, we live it, breathe it, and are currently ruled by it. From within us, the king’s throne is in my spirit. He is expressing His rule through me. Yes, He rules now. Hallelujah!

I also wish to declare here that Daniel’s prophecy teaches us God’s character. Most Charismatic people would not go near Daniel if he was here today, because God is seen to be Sovereign. He allowed Daniel to be thrown into the Lions’ den so that He could show His great power to deliver, (Dan. 6:27) what if the “blessing preacher” had prayed so that God “should not ” allow Daniel to be cast into that den? The testimony would not have had the same impact in Babylon, had God restrained the king’s people from throwing Shadrack, Meshack, and Abednego into the furnace, it would have changed the Bible evidence of the Sovereignty of God, as you read Daniel, one is awestruck by the greatness of Jehovah! This is why I say; had Daniel prophesied in Judah, only the Jewish people would have benefited, and it would have trickled down to the Gentiles years later, but here, he is in a heathen nation in exile, yet Jehovah took him, lifted Daniel beyond the whole realm, kings depended upon his wisdom and understanding of mysteries, the common people lived in prosperity, because of his knowledge of God’s grace, no wonder he prospered, Daniel’s life as a whole is God in action, showing that days are not man’s work, nor can man order his destiny, it is a history of humility and triumph, defeat and victory, weakness turned inside out. (Heb. 11:34)

The prophecy of Daniel also shows that; That which man considers to be extreme, if God is involved, it can be turned into an opportunity to excel. The modern prophet will wish that things and opportunities be made available before he prospers, but from Daniel’s life, I do see this fact and truth; That God can make something out of a nobody, we do not hear of Daniel’s great upbringing, influence at home, etc, we only discover the man in Babylon! I believe that one of Daniel’s assets was that he was “available” for God.

Through these years of service to the Lord, I have learned one lesson that is clearer than all else; That God demands “obedience and availability’. Preachers who trot the globe in search of money in order to work for God, are making a big mistake, God wants to use them where they are, like my fellow Kenyan preachers who believe only in prosperity, they preach it here but fly off to prosper in USA and Europe, Daniel prospered in Babylon, (6:28) just as Joseph in Egypt.

Briefly, therefore, Daniel’s prophecy reveals how history is managed, who runs the affairs of men, and who decides their destiny, he also shows what man can do, how far he is able to ascend, and how low he can descend.

So far we have seen the steadiness of God, His faithfulness to the man He allowed into exile, from here we must tread carefully because as Daniel begins to pray for his people, we are introduced to another sphere of real life, the heavenlies, Daniel’s prophecy does not only deal with matters of material nature but also of the spiritual.

This therefore is where real life starts, the mortal natural life is a prelude to that which is eternal, and Daniel repeats it in several places; His kingdom shall endure, or last forever and ever, without end, but we can’t grasp this by the natural understanding only. Although of late there has evolved a doctrine of the “kingdom now”, yet, we humans can’t explain it thoroughly, we can only act as per the revelation accorded to us.


Daniel’s prophecy unveils a grand tapestry of history, culminating in the reign of Christ. We, the Gentiles, are brought into the fold through Christ’s sacrifice (Matthew 20:16). Understanding our place in God’s timeline empowers us to apply our faith effectively. The perplexing prosperity of evil (Daniel 8:12) finds its resolution in the ultimate judgment (7:26).

Beyond the symbolism of beasts and empires (7:17-27), the enduring image is that of “The Saints of the Most High” (7:18). Daniel portrays the Church’s inheritance – a kingdom exceeding earthly limitations (Luke 22:28-29). God’s sovereignty shines through these prophecies, evident in his deliverance of Daniel (Daniel 6:27) and the elevation of a nobody into a leader (evident in Daniel’s Babylonian success).

Daniel’s story exemplifies God’s ability to turn challenges into opportunities and elevate the available and obedient (Hebrews 11:34). This message challenges the “prosperity preachers” who prioritize wealth over serving where they are planted.

In essence, Daniel’s prophecy sheds light on the divine orchestration of history, human limitations, and the ultimate triumph of God’s kingdom. While some aspects, like the concept of the “kingdom now,” remain mysteries (beyond full human comprehension), we can act based on the revelations given. The journey continues as Daniel delves into prayer, opening the door to the spiritual realm – a realm where true life begins (a prelude to eternity).

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