Experiencing the Power of His Presence: It’s Already Here

Experiencing the Power of His Presence: It's Already Here


The Bible offers a powerful promise – the ever-present power of God. This message explores the concept of “The Power of His Presence” using scripture and relatable illustrations. We’ll see how Jesus, through his teachings, exemplified the accessibility of this transformative power, regardless of location or religious structures (Luke 5:17).

SCRIPTURE GUIDANCE: Luke 5:17 Now it happened as Jesus taught the people God’s word in a certain house…… and the power of the Lord was present.

Now, it happened, it was not expected, but it happened; it will happen now! It happened then, but now has not changed. Now it is happening. As He was teaching God’s word in a certain house, not in the temple, not in the church, not in a chapel, not in a holy place, it is Him who made the place holy; wherever He was, that place became holy. 

Now we don’t know Him after the Jewish flesh, so we don’t give anybody any credit. The One we know is the glorious One who took on a Jewish body. If any man be in Him he is a new creature, all things are passed away. Wherever He was, religion was not there! Wherever He was, philosophy ceased, wherever He was, education was not necessary, wherever He was, riches and money were valueless, wherever He was, His power was present. 

We are now worshiping Jehovah Shammah, Immanuel, the ever-present One, He doesn’t come, He doesn’t go, you can’t bring Him, He is ever present; and wherever He is, His power is ever-present. But the people who were in that house missed to connect with that power: Electricity is present in this hall, we can hear the music, our voices are amplified, not because electricity is here, but because we are connected.


The text emphasizes a crucial truth: God’s power is not confined to religious spaces; it’s ever-present, waiting to be accessed. The analogy of electricity in a hall perfectly illustrates this point. Just as electricity is readily available, we need only to connect to experience its power.

Similarly, by connecting with God through faith and receptivity, we can tap into His transformative power. This power transcends religious rituals and transcends physical locations. It’s a transformative force available to everyone, “wherever He is” (as the text says).

Seeking a connection with “Jehovah Shammah, Immanuel, the ever-present One” is the key to experiencing this power in our daily lives.

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