Breaking Through: How Praise Unlocks God’s Power

Breaking Through: How Praise Unlocks God's Power


Many people seek a tangible connection with God’s power. This message explores the concept of “getting connected” using scripture and vivid illustrations. We’ll see how overcoming inhibitions and offering genuine praise can be the key to unlocking God’s transformative power in our lives (Psalm 22:3).

Those of you, who want to experience the power of the presence of the Lord, must be connected. There are those who come to meetings to be prayed for, they are not connected. Here nobody connects on your behalf! We want you to connect yourself into the socket supply of heaven. The power is ever-flowing. There is no power blackout, there is no switch off, and the power is ever-present. No one can switch it off, the devil cannot switch it off, he is not allowed to go there! It doesn’t matter how close you think you are, unless you are actually, literally connected. There were religious leaders

in that house, but they missed because they were not connected The Reverends, the Pastors, and the Priests, they missed it because they were not connected, yet their power was in the presence of the The power is where the Lord is How do we connect? There are no three steps to connect; there are no three keys to connection. 

Thou art holy O God; you dwell in the praises of your people. How do you praise the Lord with your mouth closed? It is while we are blessing the Lord, with all that is within us, that He fills our mouths with good things. A closed mouth can’t be filled with good things. He that offers thanks glorifies me. The Bible says that when they knew God and did not worship Him as God, neither were they thankful: God left them. Every one of you who can’t say thank you Lord you are sinning. If you can’t say thank you, Lord, you are worse than a thief. Thank you, Jesus!

Now that you have entered His presence, nobody entered God’s presence without sacrifice, they would die. And God says, don’t come before Me with your mouth closed; come before Me with the sacrifice of your lips. The prophet said, the days will come when this place, that is desolate; there will be a people, who will come with a shout of joy, bringing a sacrifice of praise (Jer. 33:1011). Hear this; God is not demanding that you pray, no! He is waiting for you to praise Him. Not to sing, but to praise Him, not to join a choir, but to praise Him, but you see there is a small god, who is standing between you and Him: And that small god is not the devil, it is you! He is waiting for you to praise Him.

Hear this! And the power of the Lord was present, to heal them, to deliver them, to secure them. Those of you who have bad dreams at night, I declare last night to be the last one, because where the power of the Lord is present, you will not have dead people and snakes chasing you, and your dead grandmother and uncle will not come after you. Why? Because His power is present. 

Even when you are asleep, His power is present. Hear this! For some of you, there are things that happen in the night, on the roof of the house, maybe a cat making noise has been sent by the devil because there is a lack of the presence of God; last night was the last night, because of the presence of God. I dare to declare, that there are some of you who have been cursed by preachers, because you refused to send money, or you left his church, his curse will no longer torment you: Because of the presence of God. You get connected by praising Him. You are holy O God! You dwell in the praises of your people (Ps. 22:3). They were told, if you want the God of Israel, don’t go to Reuben, go to Judah. Why? Because God lives in Judah. Why Judah? 

Because the name Judah means Hallelujah! People are blowing vuvuzelas, others are painting themselves stupid, and yet believers can’t say praise the Lord! They stand there dry, dead like a stone pretending they are listening. In that house, the power was present; the people could not connect with that power: yet, in your presence is fullness of joy! One day in your courts O Lord, is better than a thousand elsewhere, I’d rather be a doorkeeper in the house of my Lord. (Ps. 84:10) Hear this; these religious men, their religion stood between them and the power! What is religion? It is anything you believe that is not from God.

Four men, whose names, and occupations, we don’t know, or where they came from, that is where Joe Kayo comes in, Born in Nyamira, failed at Class Six, I am counted there! You keep your religion, keep your money, I want to come in. and when we go there, our names are not necessary, where we were born is not necessary, and our money is not necessary. I want the presence of the power!

When they came, they found the people were too many, and the door was blocked, because of the people, and they had a sick brother. So their problem was the people! Most of you, your problem is people. You are afraid to shout Hallelujah, because of people: You wonder, what will these people think of me? Are you here to worship others? 

The people were their problem. The power was there, but they could not connect, because people, flesh and blood, that were born in a similar manner like you, not angels, people, with breath like yours, people who sleep just like you do, you are afraid to praise God wondering what will they think? People!! 

They stand between you and God!? Today, if that one that you fear dies, he cannot be carried in the back seat in a Mercedes Benz! He will be ferried in carrier-like luggage! And you cannot praise God because of such a person? morgue, And when you go to the you hold your nose because of God? An ordinary human being!? Now that you have despised people, something else; your social standing in society means nothing! 

I am not like those ordinary women, failures who are nothing; I am a graduate with two Degrees, some of you are tribalistic, the way you were brought up. You know here in Kenya, being a “Jaluo” is not a tribe, it is a lifestyle or “software”, I cannot make noise like “Jolango” which means, one who is possessed by demons: And that comes between you and God. The “Agikuyu” people prevent themselves from reaching God because He does not give them what they want, they are after things. Here there are no things; it is the Lord Himself, who is here, the “Ameru” people refuse to praise God because they can’t show their emotions. One must die bravely; you bring your tribe to your God? If I start talking about the “Luhyas” I might be stoned. Let us get rid of all these things that distract us. Hallelujah!

These four men bypassed all other men: men and women can be bypassed! Remain with your money, I am reaching God, remain with your Degrees, I am reaching God, remain with your tribe, I am reaching God. They bypassed people: In Kampala, while I was preaching about the Holy Spirit, (the Baganda are so dignified, they can’t shout, they are so organized), here was this Princess, she was being brought to the meeting by cars and the security detail, and she got born again and baptized in the Holy Spirit. 

Her fiance was there when she was lifting her hands, her fiancé pulled her down. You are bringing us shame, you are no ordinary person. I went on preaching and the girl became so excited, she stood up and shouted Hallelujah! The fiancé pulled her down, they were seated on the front row, when the man tried to pull her down, she pulled back and said, if you are not willing to go with me to heaven, I am not willing to go to hell with you, the engagement is broken! Security! Take this man away from me! 

The man was taken away and the Princess went on rejoicing in tongues. She spoke in tongues for four days continually, when she was talked to, she answered in tongues. They brought me to explain what had happened to her. She bypassed her fiancé and lost her marriage. You can lose everything to reach Jesus! These men said; we know that there is power in there, and nobody can introduce us because we are not dignified people, but we hear the Nazarene, the former Carpenter, does not need any introduction, He does not care for your CV, all He needs is you present. Don’t change your clothes, don’t change your hair, go the way you are, Hallelujah!


The text emphasizes that religious rituals or social standing are not prerequisites for experiencing God’s presence. The key lies in offering authentic praise and thanksgiving (Psalm 84:10). The story of the four men who bypassed societal norms to reach Jesus exemplifies this point.

By letting go of inhibitions and social anxieties, and focusing on genuine praise, we can connect with God’s ever-present power. This power transcends religious structures, social status, and even personal failures. As the text says, “all He needs is you present.”

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