Unveiling the Power of the Name of Jesus: A Scriptural Exploration

Unveiling the Power of the Name of Jesus: A Scriptural Exploration


The Bible reveals the immense power invested in the name of Jesus Christ (Revelation 19:13). This message explores the scriptural basis for this power and how believers can access it through faith (Acts 4:7).

Scripture Guidance: And His Name is called: “THE WORD OF GOD”. (Rev. 19:13)

When the Lord told His followers: 

“In My name”, ask anything, My Father will do it, “In My name”, Believers shall cast out devils, He was expressing what awesome power His Name holds, what wealth heaven has invested in “His name”, authority, the master key to all divine wealth.

When the Jewish rulers confronted Christ’s Apostles after the healing of the crippled man, they asked: By what power, or by what Name, have you done this? (Acts 4:7) They did not ask; By what secret? By what prayer etc., they knew by learning, that power or authority is invested in a NAME, say a King, Ruler, Leader, etc. 

This we must learn, the power in JESUS CHRIST’S NAME, when we say; In Jesus Name, do we really understand what is involved? Do we really know what power we wield? If all the prayers made in “Jesus’ Name” would be answered by heaven, do we realize how much damage would be done against satanic forces? The problem is; that we don’t really understand, or know, what power we invoke!

Some pray, but it ends as a religious act, observance, a practice taught and ends in the head, but we can, and may turn this to be the greatest weapon against evil powers, disease, want, anxiety, hopelessness, depression, and all the evils that hinder our progress in life positively. The Name “JESUS’, carries all the authority in heaven and earth. (Matt, 28:18) The Apostolic teaching is this; “That every knee in heaven, earth, under the earth shall bow, and every tongue shall confess; THAT JESUS CHRIST IS LORD! (Phil. 2: 1011) 


What intrigues me most, what amazes and attracts my utter attention and curiosity, is when JESUS CHRIST, is called: THE WORD OF GOD, as per scripture guidance above. Because I see clearly, that “In the beginning was the WORD, before the WORD was spoken, there was nothing, no creation as we know, see and experience it, (John 1:13) thus we conclude; that the WORD of God, Jesus Christ Himself, out of Him, from Him, came all the creation. (Heb. 1:2 3), it is also given to the Apostle by the revelation of the Holy Spirit, that “all things”, (created) visible and invisible, were created by Him and for Him. (Col. 1:16) 

This is so awesome to me, my little brain cannot accommodate this, I keep trying, imagining, until my mind stands still, and can’t move farther, the little knowledge I have obtained by learning, makes me tremble when I stop to think, imagine and meditate, how much power the NAME, JESUS must contain! Just by that Name: JE SUS: when I call it, loudly, or silently, or even thinking, all the creation, known and the unknown, bows! When John was told, His Name is called: The “WORD OF GOD’, he must have shouted: JESUS! And John knew that the whole creation stood still.

We don’t see the creation, or anything until God spoke; Thus I conclude; That JESUS, the Name that Mary was told He would be called, has the mystery of all knowledge, understanding what this Name stands for, is the highest wisdom any human being can obtain, one prophet called Him through the Holy Spirit “WONDERFUL” (Is. 9:6) The Apostle Paul teaches through Revelation knowledge: That God raised Jesus, and made Him to sit “far above”, and gave Him a Name greater than any other given in this world and, in the world to come! (Eph. 1:21) We may therefore rightly conclude; That the “WORD and the NAME, are the same in character, power, and operation because Where the WORD of the King is, there is power. (Eccl. 8:4)

When the Lord gave His disciples power to heal the sick and to cast out devils, there was no question as to whether sicknesses and devils would obey or not, because, the NAME upon which they would base their act, was above the creation, Hallelujah! When someone gets born again, using the NAME of Jesus, life gets a new nature, the believers were called “the Christians”, because they had been with Christ.


The text emphasizes that understanding the authority of Jesus’ name is crucial for effective prayer and spiritual warfare (Philippians 2:9-11). By recognizing Jesus as the embodiment of the Word of God, we gain access to the creative power that underpins all existence (John 1:1-3).

As the text says, “The Name ‘JESUS’ carries all the authority in heaven and earth.” By calling on the name of Jesus with faith, believers can experience transformation, healing, and victory over darkness.

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