Building a Church Militant: Knowledge as the Sword and Shield

Building a Church Militant: Knowledge as the Sword and Shield


In an age of spiritual warfare, the Bible offers a powerful weapon for believers: knowledge. This exploration delves into the concept of a “Church Militant,” equipped not with physical armaments but with the transformative power of God’s word. We’ll see how prioritizing in-depth scriptural understanding empowers the Church to combat spiritual attacks and fulfill its mission (Ephesians 6:12).

If there was a time when God’s people needed strength to withstand satanic attacks, it is now! The prophet Daniel prophesied that in these days, the antichrist shall fool many, and destroy them by false peace and flattery. Then he added; But the people who know their God shall be strong, and shall do exploits. (11:32). It is the knowledge that is key to strength. In every field, knowledge is power, and knowledge comes by information. There is no place we believers in Christ’s Church can get knowledge besides the information from the Bible.

The Church,¬†especially those of the Charismatic shade, having always dwelt on issues they call “blessing” and other fragmented subjects, but have avoided knowledge of the truth, the whole counsel of God, people have grown lopsided in their life of faith, but there is a revival now underway, the hearts of believers have become hungry for more than just good feeling, healing and riches. There has been a void created by neglect on the part of preachers, no blessing, healing, or miracles can fill this void, only God’s presence can. From this point of knowledge, the Church must arise, and now is the time, to challenge satan’s stronghold upon lives.

Knowing who stands behind us, and has already gone ahead of us, even the Lord Jesus Himself, the Church will fear no obstacle, instead, in the name of Jesus, His Church will open satanic prison doors, and set the captives free. It is the knowledge of truth that makes men free. (John 8:32) The hunger that’s existing in the Church right now, is for the “knowledge of God’s Word’, also the right doctrines of the Bible. Satan will have no foothold in our lives. While throngs give their lives to the Lord in mass crusades. the greatest need is for Teachers of the word in order for these souls to stand firm, we can’t always remain evangelistic material and expect to stand the enemy’s attacks.

So, God has already done His part of electing, anointing, and ordaining these Teachers of the Word by revelation knowledge. It is our part that remains wanting, and this calls for obedience like Abraham as we saw at the very start. To teach means to “train, instruct, equip” and then to commission the believer to do the greater works that the Lord Jesus promised. (John 14:12). It is not too late to see it the Bible way, the Church Militant is waking up now! The world must tremble, ask questions, be amazed, and seek help from the Church.


The “Church Militant” thrives not on fleeting emotions or fragmented teachings, but on a robust understanding of God’s word (2 Timothy 2:15). Filling the void left by a focus on mere blessings and miracles, this knowledge equips believers to challenge Satan’s strongholds and stand firm against spiritual attacks (John 8:32). The current hunger for “knowledge of God’s Word” signifies a revival within the Church, a shift towards building a foundation of scriptural understanding.

This focus on teaching, however, doesn’t diminish the importance of evangelism. Rather, it equips new believers to become mature disciples (John 14:12). By prioritizing “Teachers of the Word,” the Church empowers its members to not only receive salvation but also actively engage in spiritual battles. As the Church Militant awakens to the power of knowledge, it stands poised to fulfill its mission, leaving the world both awestruck and yearning for the truth it embodies.

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