Testimonies from people worldwide

He is tall, there is nothing extraordinary about him. You can pass without another glance, especially if you are used to looking at Medical Doctors which he is not by the way. His feature carries that resemblance in dignity, he holds Th.D, Ph.D, D.Litt, and D.D. in Theology, having studied the hard way, since he left formal education at grade six. He is not exactly black, being as it were light brown, but the skin is that of a person who has just come from steam bath. He is not an imposing figure. You get the feeling that the man wants to laugh with you (and not at you) about anything in the world. He is a happy man and he exudes happiness. In his presence, you too begin to become happy. To Zambians who received from him, the churches that called him, the benefits were immeasurable. The Restoration Church is alive with new vigor, and the members are a buzz with the Spirit of Revival. “God is truly using Dr. Kayo.”
Franklin Tembo
When Dr. Kayo stands to speak, I listen, because he has proven not only as a minister of integrity and durability, but also as a father to many in this nation. In the Nineteen Eighties I heard him preach at Kakamega Town, I longed and desired that one day I will also preach like him! It has happened!
Rev. Kepha Omae
Pastor, Liberty Christian Centre National Director Morris Cerullo World Evangelism, Int’l Evangelist
In my own experience and more so in Kenya, there is no one else like our Apostle Dr. Joe Kayo who has readily demonstrated his deep concern for the body of Christ. Thanks be to God for His servant
Apostle: God bless you and your family. I am grateful to the God of heaven that He allowed me in His mercy to see you. I am glad to hear His word through you His Servant and to worship the living God. Live long Mzee.
Dear Apostle: We greet you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. We extend our gratitude with great pleasure, as well as being humbled and honored to receive your golden teachings which are rare in this generation among many preachers across the world. Within a short period of time you have delivered a brain storming message to us, you have motivated our hearts in a fatherly way and putting us on readiness to being parenting ministers, we wish such powerful messages could reach out to all kinds of denominations especially those that claim to be Pentecostals, you have put our attention to the point that we can no longer seat down but to go out and do the same work and impart the message into our fellow ministers. Your ministering has taken us to another level of maturity. It’s our prayer that God may give you the supernatural grace to impart more in us and to the body of Christ as a whole. By the Grace of the Living God we make a commitment to extend that Biblical knowledge and Spiritual maturity you have shared with us without reserving yourself, to the entire body of Christ. We endorse that you are a real father in the work of the ministry. We still need you in this generation as it’s very much obvious you are the chosen among many to equip the young generation as it sets off into a new dimension without getting off the track. We thank you very much for opening our eyes as we are wondering either what or how we could be if we had not come across such a man of God like you. May the Lord our Father bless the days of your life, your family and your future generation.
Pastor Dickens
Destiny Center Family and the Malakai Heavens Missions
Apostle: Thankyou for your transparency and honesty. It has been a great honor to sit under your teaching and anointing. Thank you for your diligence in studying and delivering a powerful Word of Truth.
Laura Johnson
Evangelist – USA
Man of God: It has been an honor and pleasure to hear you deliver the Word of God on it’s true form. I will take this to wherever I may go.
Your daughter, Yvonne
Dr. Kayo: Am humbled by you accepting my invitation to speak in this great conference. My life is empowered, my ministry will never be the same again. I purpose to change the way I minister and carry myself. Indeed am your grandson in the Faith.
Pastor Dickens O. Ahago
Papa Kayo: I just want to thank you for being a big blessing to my life. May Yahweh bless you and I hope I grow more and more to be part of the Yahweh Army. God bless you so much.
Jose Jimenez – Mexico
Dear Man of God: As you continued speaking the more I discovered, I have known and done nothing yet. You have fought a good fight to stand in such days with such great revelation. I will always appreciate.
Bishop Erick Kigundu – Uganda
Papa: I thank God for your life, and the ministry God has given you. I pray that God through you will impact to many ministers, for God used you to prove my ministry and I am encouraged to do more. Thank you Papa.
Bishop James Obeng, Ghana -West Africa
Apostle: I appreciate what the Lord has done through you. I thank the Lord for what He is using you to do in the life of the ministers. Thanks be to God who has given me the opportunity to be part of what God is doing.
From Kenya
Dear Apostle: Today friendships don’t last long, yet you and Dr. John Polis have been friends since you met in 1985, how do you maintain the Spirit of friendship? We know that some who have gone to Glory, you still love and help their families, how this happens is a mystery! Please share with us one day, how this is possible.
Pastor, Nairobi
Apostle: I am blessed to be associated with you. You are my role model and you will remain to be. Kindly raise me to get your standard and level both Spiritually and socially.
Simon Peter
Man of God: I have always longed to introduce myself to you, am grateful that the Lord gave me courage to stand before you. Surely the Lord has done great things in my life ever since you became my pastor, am wiser and rich at heart. God bless you so much. I pray for you everyday.
I thank God for letting me find Joe Kayo MInistries! I thank God for you Apostle. If you had gone out to do business of selling vitambaa, brooms, oil etc. Where could I be now? Man of God, the Lord bless you mightily. You are a blessing.
Man of God: It is such a honor to have a Servant of God who, Despite the and all the degrees, you still remain humble. May God bless you to inspire young men like me who desire to serve in this everlasting dynasty.
Shadrack Muthama
Dear Sir: To humbly share with you, Nehemiah’s Life as you described in your well researched book “Living at the Cutting edge” is a life that every leader / aspiring leader must admire. Wonderful! Keep it up.
Dr. Kayo: I am humbled by your simplicity… you mean you are that approachable? I was so so scared and expected rebukes. You took me as a child and even trusted me, spoke words that gave me strength to continue. Thank you for giving me hope and not judging my failures.
Dr. Kayo: I am scheming through 5 of your books – Arena of Faith, In search of Identity, God’s Grace in My life, Bible way to success and Victory over fear. Thank you for writing. I pray to be as bold and consistent as you. Thank you for inspiring me. Blessings.
Dr. Gitaari
Dr. Kayo: It has been a joy to accompany you as your guest to the just concluded Kitale mission. Sitting to be taught by you is an eye opener and an impartation in the ministry. Thank you so much man of God.
Bishop Fred Kariuki
Papa: Kitale was powerful. There is no day you exhaustively finished any Scripture you read. Personally I was greatly ministered to. You are teaching me about the character of Jesus Christ, which I need to take on as a minister. Am following you, ready to learn and put in practice that which you teach me. Blessings Papa.
Thanks very much Apostle for being such a great blessing to me, the Pastors and Bishops and our families plus all churches here in Kitale. Mzee the POWER IS BACK! Thank you Sir! we love you, please come back soon. Shalom
The Chairman – Pastors’ Fellowship, Kitale town
May the Lord bless you servant of God. You prayed for me in Kitale when I thought I would die in 1991. Surely I went back to the doctor who changed his statement. am now ok and alive. I saw you on SAYARE
Joe Kayo: Sir, while all preachers have gone Digital, use IPADs and Laptops for their sermons, you have remained Analog? Why have you not changed with the times? What amazes one however; Is that you flow as you teach / preach while our Digital ones are too technical to understand, in fact they actually read sermons! You are anointed, they are dry and very clever! Most are playing with our simple minds, we leave services totally confused! (Please withhold my identity, I am a church Elder)
John Doe
Apostle: At 680 Hotel, you taught from ACTS 1:1-3, you spoke for one hour! The revelations on Christ’s Resurrection was amazing, new, deep and too high for my simple head, yet, my heart is still full as I send this to you, how shall one reach that level in revelation of scriptures where you are currently? Is it by much prayer? Study? But we all pray, I hold a B.Th from a respected Theological School, please next time, share with us Pastors the real source of inspiration you use.
Dr. Kayo: I have special request, reading your magazine RD, “CHRISTIAN INTEGRITY”, please next time you speak to us Pastors, teach on it, your voice is more powerful, expand on it, if there was a time when Charismatic preachers need integrity in Kenya is now!
Dear Apostle Kayo; It is now one month, a strange disease of protein (as Doctors called it) has suddenly left my body! I could not eat meat or eggs, rushes broke out all over my body, but it has disappeared! I am now eating what was forbidden, no rushes at all.Now I know there is divine healing in God’s Word.
Apostle: The very day you stepped on Eldoret soil, it rained, and has continued todate, what you may not have been told is; That a prophet claimed that after he left, it would rain immediately, but, nothing happened the Kalenjin Elders performed sacrificial worship to the gods to cause rain to fall, but nothing happened, when you came, it just pours down. Amazingly Sir, you never claimed to be a prophet, all the days you taught us the true Biblical message. How did you attain to such humility?
Dr. Kayo; Thanks for visiting Eldoret city, and teaching us the pure word of God, the air was so bad, we the Pastors, Bishops could not breathe freely, something was bad in the atmosphere! Suddenly when you arrived, there was total freedom, we are now able to pray.
Man of God; Your message on SIFA RADIO, have brought revival in our area, we are happy that there is yet a “man of God” in the land, while there is so much compromise, witchcraft in the name of faith, you have remained true to the Bible.
Mwadime, Wundanyi
Dr. Kayo; Our Town Voi is small, yet we are so divided! Preachers from upcountry look down upon us locals, while the locals feel threatened it has not helped their cause by ganging up to form Fellowship. Personally I know this is not the way of the Bible. Your Radio Sifa programme has helped strengthen a few of us, please man of God, come to Voi, some have come but they form their congregations, there’s fear all over, what do we do?
concerned Pastor
Dear Apostle; I came to Church on Sunday by invitation of a workmate whose life has challenged us, I am used to endless singing, choir, and the preaching, Oh the preaching is all money, seed, offerings etc. There you stood, read Psalm 136, we responded: FOR HIS MERCY ENDURES FOREVER! To my amazement, you started to teach the Bible, for awhile I was puzzled, everyone else was rejoicing hearing you teach before singing, dancing etc, no announcements, introductions of visitors? My problem now is; After the service was all over, we had sang, I gave all the cash I had, and wished I was a millionaire, man of God, I am different now, I have come fully to your fellowship!
From Nairobi
Apostle we thank God for a miraculous born child, all went well, even as you declared, we have a baby boy. Thanks for your prayer, it has been four long years without a child! Diagnosed with fibroids, this baby was born normally without an operation as per Doctors’ report, what a miracle! We praise the Lord Jesus, Godbless you Apostle
From Nairobi
Dr. Kayo; Where and to whom shall we go for true Biblical leadership? There are too many voices in Kenya, Apostle please don’t relax, your crusades Pastors seminars are helpful, we love and respect you Elder. (Attendant at Joe Kayo School of Ministry
From Eldoret Town
Man of God Joe Kayo: My ministry was going down, discouraged, planning to quit, then you came to Kisii Town, Your School of Ministry revived my vision, new hope is now working. Please don’t give up when we Kenyans don’t respond like other nations, we love and deeply respect you.
Apostle Joe: Your Tv services have rekindled Pentecostal fire in my life, I had followed cold charismatic religion, but now am back to the original Pentecost. Don’t give up Sir, I know you are a lonely voice in the land currently, please count on me to pray for you.
Your Radio Programme has helped me return to salvation, please increase, once a week is not enough, you are hope in our wilderness.
Dr. Kayo: Thursday Bible class at 680 Hotel is very helpful, our church is on fire, I bring leaders, our worship is now changed, man of God, we are with you in prayer