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Apostle Dr. Joe Kayo's
direct answers to questions frequently asked.

Dear Apostle: At our convention it was a must that all Pastors’ wives be introduced as Co-Pastors, my wife and I do watch you on Saturdays; SAYARE TV, why don’t you include your wife in your program? (Believers – Kayole – Nairobi)

Dear Believers: Because my wife is not part of my message, and; “she is not” co – Pastor, she is Mrs. Kayo.

Apostle: Here in Zambia, a prophet claims to pray for miraculous money into the pockets of his hearers, and claims it is answer to his prayer. Is it really Biblical? (Chris – Lusaka)

Brother Chris: He could be a prophet, since he claims to be one, but; whose prophet? who does he serve? Producing miraculous cash in pockets does not make one a “prophet of Jehovah”, it is not Biblical, Chris, work, do business, earn a living.

Apostle Joe: When you preached in Nyeri Town, although we were so greatly blessed you never mentioned about prosperity, you never told your audience how to become rich, my friends and I felt so blessed yet, you never appealed for money!? We are used to hearing that blessing is the ressult of giving money, what is your secret Sir? (Jim and friends)

Dear Jim and friends: Your observation is right, in Nyeri Mission I never as much as mentioned the word “money”, there is no secret to the blessing of God; It is simply hearing God’s Word, taught under anointing, and Revelation – Knowledge. If the preacher teaches that God cannot bless you unless you give them money, it is false, bitter as it may sound, but true. Search the Scriptures, you will get the answer. GIVING is not just money.

Apostle Kayo: Some Pastors were deeply offended at your recent visit at Nyeri Town,reason being; You never encouraged your audience to invest money in their ministries, to add to the injury, you simply walked out and drove away, they say “proudly”, did you actually intend to insult these great men of God? My personal observation was that you are a man of integrity, sincerity and total simplicity, you portray Christ in your teaching and lifestyle, yet, mystery surrounds the money issue, not on your part but ours the locals. Please reply this in your esteemed magazine RD, so that most may benefit. (Keen observer – Nyeri)

Dear Keen Observer: I was called, anointed and sent to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ, that, to my recollection was what I did at Nyeri Town, yes indeed I did walk out after preaching, but not proudly, I am not a “big fellow”, if that offended your pastors, then I have no apologies to make, money is not the gospel.

Joe Kayo: You are a mystery! So anointed yet simple, reachable, down to earth human being? How Sir, did you overcome pride that has plagued many of us in Kenya? (Joel, Nairobi)

Dear Joel: Pride is satan’s nature, no matter haow it is baptized, it still remains pride, well, I am not a mystery,I have nothing to be proud about, I have not achieved much, I am not a successful person, I don’t possess what makes others proud, thank God, God’s Grace picked me up from the dustbin of life and made me, why should I behave or live otherwise? Thanks.

Concerned believer: Don’t attend their meetings, stay away. Read the Bible, Both the Lord and His Apostles did not say so, again I say to you; stay away. (Matt.24:23-26)

Dr. Joe: Who in the ministry is greater? The Prophet or the Apostle? Please help, the competiton is now stiff, our loyalty is being fought for. (Agnes – NBI)

Sis. Agnes: None is “greater” than the other,they need each other to equip the Church for the work of Ministry (Eph.4:11-13) yet the Bible lists them: First; Apostles, then;Prophets..(ICor.12:28) Not for competition but for complement.

Apostle Kayo: Your Busia Town crusade was so powerful, we never witnessed any likeit before; Please share with us how long you prayed to cause it to reach that high and deeply touching. (I am Pastor Isaac)

Dear Pst. Isaac: My crusades, Revivals’ blessings don’t depend on how long I prayed, if you recall; At Busia we emphasized the “Lord’s presence”, that; is how. As for my participation: I was only available when the Lord was at work.

Joe Kayo: Honestly why don’t you have bodyguards? At Wote Town you were too exposed! (SMS)

There is not a need why I must have bodyguards, to guard me from/against who? I came to Wote Town to be exposed to God’s people, so I could be a blessing to them and what a blessed day I had with the saints at Wote Town!

Man of God Joe: Are you really 77 years old? If so, what do you eat? The younger Bishops look, behave and walk and talk older than you? Please share with us younger preachers the secret of your simplicity: Our Bishops are unreachable. (TEXT)

Dear younger preacher: I eat what is found in Kenya, as for my simplicity; It is cause I am not a Bishop, but a servant of God and His people, I don’t look, talk, behave big, because I am not a big man, that; Is the secret, as of my age: I was born May 5th 1937.

Dr. Kayo: Most Bishops’ wives are co-pastors, yours is not, infact you never mention her in your services, you never allow her to speak, not even to greet people: why?(Concerned lady preacher)

Dear lady preacher: It is because she was not called to preach, in services she is a worshipper like all others, above all: She is Mrs. Kayo, she does not have to say anything to prove who she is, she is contented, fulfilled. I don’t mention her name at preaching, because she is “not the Gospel.”

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