Events Report

KITALE 5th - 7th March

Kitale town experienced the greatest move of God when Apostle Dr. Joe Kayo came for a
four day Revival meeting. It has remained deeply etched in the hearts of the people, it is still
the talk of the town. It was highly attended by Church leaders and although the time alloted
us was very brief, we were very blessed. The impact speaks for itself.
Many people received the Baptism of the Holy Spirit. Reports reaching me, indicate
that there is a new dimension of depending and trusting in God, there is an establishment
of Apostolic doctrine because of the brief but solid mentorship we received from the
It was such a timely visitation and we surely need more of it. As church leaders we have
learnt from God's servant how to conduct the ministry. We only wish that it would be
possible to attend services every Sunday at YMCA Shauri Moyo so that we learn more.
We have witnessed more unity and openess in the Pastors' fellowship and the main
challenge is how to take care of the flock especially the widows and the orphans just like the
Apostle did (practically) in one of the sessions.
The impact was GREAT. God bless you Apostle. (FRED SIMIYU - Pastors' Fellowship Kitale)

Bible Study

To resume next year. Please watch this space for more details. 

Luke 24:43 "Then he opened their understanding that they might understand the scriptures" (KJV)