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  1. Our Wondrous God

  2. Christ the mighty healer part 1&2

  3. Our Season

  4. Total  Rest

  5. Sovereign Christ

  6. Living the kingdom life

  7. The Sovereign Lord

  8. The way of the cross

  9. The fullness of God

  10. Divine strength in stormy times part 1, 2&3

  11. Merciful gracious God

  12. Limitless God part 1&2

  13. Shut the door

  14. God has the last word

  15. Ebenezer

  16. Greatest name of Jesus

  17. Our eternal  inheritance part 1, 2&3

  18. Divine confidence

  19. Jesus the wondrous healer

  20. The redeemed of the Lord part 1&2

 Price of CDs per message - Ksh 100

DVD/Message - Ksh 200

Bible Study

To resume next year. Please watch this space for more details. 

Luke 24:43 "Then he opened their understanding that they might understand the scriptures" (KJV)