Letter to Covenant Partners



Dear Covenant Partner;

The Lord Jesus is fulfilling all His good promises that He promised the Church in these last days! Since 2015 to date: Our vision and Mission has been: BACK TO PENTECOST! We are experiencing deep encounter with the Holy Spirit. At all times, in all places, we see a repeat of PENTECOSTAL PHENOMENA. 

The conviction that came upon me has never left, the more we touch upon PENTECOSTAL EXPERIENCE, the more our hearers ask for more! The lukeworm spirit is disappearing from lives, setting the saints on fire for God!

The Apostolic Pattern; is that we return to these precious saints who have tasted this experience; and make disciples for the Lord. We have also increased our emphasis on the Leadership of the Local Church, because; The lasting fruit depends entirely upon the Pastors who shepherd the flock, thus we have been mindful of holding Pastors / Church Leaders classes whenever we conduct the ministry. Many have been renewed, there is joy in the house of God, this renewal has affected the Shepherds in a positive way, their congregations have become alive, hot in testimony and in living for the Lord.

Reports reaching us, state that  there is unity among the Pastors who otherwise never saw eye to eye! Tribalistic based ministries are fading away as God’s children live in harmony and fellowship. Another thing that astonishes many; is the absence of CLASS CONSCIOUSNESS! The educated now accept those they considered low class! The Lord’s family is being restored, to these and more we shout: HALLELUJAH!

We have calls from other countries, but we have not jumped into their invitations because our  ‘’BASE’’, Kenya, must be strengthened due to deep Spiritual need.

 As your prayer ministry helps us to fulfil our mandate; You will be also watered, blessed above your imaginations, that is the Bible way. OUR REWARD SHALL BE THE SAME (1 SAMUEL 30:24).


Yours in the Master’s Name,

 Apostle Joseph Kayo - (Th.D, Ph.D, D.Litt, D.D)




Bible Study

To resume next year. Please watch this space for more details. 

Luke 24:43 "Then he opened their understanding that they might understand the scriptures" (KJV)