About Us

WHO WE ARE: We are structured into New Testament Family. (Eph.3:15) Biblically Pentecostal (Book of ACTS)

WHAT WE BELIEVE : The Bible as God’s Word, hence all confession, behavior, conduct and families, are based upon Biblical teaching in the Apostolic pattern. (3:16)

HOW WE OPERATE: Based on Bible Principle; we operate in total manner in all aspect; i.e., Ministry finances, conduct of workers/leaders etc.

LEADERSHIP: We believe that God ordains and preserves leadership in His Kingdom that leaders are not picked up because of inherent talent alone but that there must be growth that naturally signifies leadership qualities, not votes by elections but by spiritual endowment that naturally shows from the family.

THE APOSTLE: Dr Joseph Kayo started to minister August of 1957, his long years in active ministry has taken him to four continents of the world, has interacted with world leaders in both secular and religious, the family man whose life is mandate to lead has come naturally,This many has been born in his apostolic ministry and fathered to maturity.

Bible Study

To resume next year. Please watch this space for more details. 

Luke 24:43 "Then he opened their understanding that they might understand the scriptures" (KJV)